Final Project

Design Challenge
Design an interface and interactive prototype for a communication system that helps visitors navigate a multi-day, multi-venue event. Such an event might be a music festival, an international sporting event, an arts exposition, a conference, &c. The challenge is to translate both spatial and temporal data into legible, valuable, contextually appropriate, and beautiful information. To do so, you will need to demonstrate deep understanding of the diverse means by which various participants will make use of your system.

This is an invitation to invent and experiment! Unexpected and novel approaches to the challenge will be received more favorably than obvious and easily attained solutions. You are the researchers and designers for your projects. Equal consideration should be given to the process, the visual design, the prototyping, and the demonstration.


  1. Secondary Research & Data Hunt. Gather data for the event—existing or modified (for next year). Parse into temporal, spatial, general information, ticket pricing, and other, e.g., current news or updates. Research attendees of the event as much as possible:
    Who goes?How do they participate? What are different kinds of visitors? How do they participate in different ways? What are their different interests, capabilities, limitations?
  2. Co-Creative Workshop. Work in small groups to develop and then role play with your Personas. Use the Personas to develop and test Scenarios then Experience Maps from different perspectives. Help each other find gaps in the Experience Maps.
  3. Personas + Scenarios + Experience Maps. Work individually and collaboratively to develop at least 3 of each to understand how information is valuable to visitors. Explore the experience from the perspectives of: before (planning), during (real-time), and after (extension) the event.
  4. Information Architecture / StoryBoard. Lay out all the information and tasks of the system in a coherent flow and structure: from macro to micro and back.
  5. Wireframes. Convert the desires/needs of your Personas & Experiences Maps into wireframes.
  6. User-Testing & Revisions. Work in small groups to test the system via paper prototypes. Find the gaps and revise wireframes accordingly.
  7. Visual Design. Graphic decisions specific to the topic/event.
  8. Digital Prototype. Select a few compelling features of your system and build functional prototypes.
  9. Demonstrate. Present the concept, the research that supports it, and show us what it can do. Wait for applause!

What does it need:

  • Temporal data (schedules).
  • Spatial data (maps).
  • Synthesis (overlay) of temporal & spatial data.
  • Clear navigation to find when and where events take place, ensuring macro-to-micro and micro-to-macro access to info.
  • Planning (before), During (real-time), and Extension (after) interactions.

Read: And Then Steve Said, ‘Let There Be an iPhone’

upcoming music festivals: (Sept 4-6. Chicago) (Sept 11-13. Chicago) (Sept 25-27. Cincinnati)

past music festivals (2015):
or make up a schedule for 2016 based on the same schedule & venues

previous Olympic schedules:

or make it up for:

upcoming conferences (so many… )

art expositions:

Final Documentation & End of Semester Show

On the last day of class, present your prototype in class. You will make that presentation on-screen, augmented with physical prototypes as needed. Include slides that share a brief overview of your event, personas/scenarios, and—most importantly—the design and interactions of your full system. Give a demonstration of your prototype.  due: Wed 12/2

Final documentation for your project includes:
_PDF of full process (11″ x 17″ landscape), culminating in visual design of full system with highlighted Task Flows/Interactions
_Source code or link to online prototype
_1-2 min. video of prototype in action
due: Wed 12/9

End of Semester show: Show Layout Template
_Edited presentation of your process
_Visual design of full system with highlighted Task Flows/Interactions
_Working prototype OR video presentation of prototype
_Upload videos to BOX FOLDER (invite and link coming) by Mon 12/7 for inclusion in class reel
Tues 12/8 5pm!