Secondary Research / Sydney Yockey

Overarching thesis: Stigma leftover from the early HIV/AIDs epidemic often debilitates current patients leaving them with ineffective knowledge of prevention and treatment.

Poverty: Poverty and HIV are strongly linked, CDC survey finds

While HIV/AIDs is more prevalent in “high risk” communities, prevention often ignores the larger demographic of impoverished people.

Why Life-Saving Drugs Haven’t Ended AIDS in America

Developing advanced disease fighting drugs alone is not the key to solving the HIV/AIDs crisis, but rather making treatment and prevention accessible to all.

Relationships/Trust: The Effects of an Abusive Primary Partner on the Condom Use and Sexual Negotiation Practicesof African-AmericanWomen

Women suffering or who have suffered relationship abuse develop psychological effects that damage their ability to negotiate safe sex putting them at higher risk of HIV/AIDs

Love in the Time of HIV/AIDS

With the right treatment, people with HIV/AIDs can have happy healthy relationships even though many suffer from stigma and believe they can never find love and intimacy.

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