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THEMES: HIV & Education / Disease as Salvation/Redemption


01. Education and HIV/AIDS: A Window of Hope, The World Bank

Priority should be placed on educating children and youth, particularly in a world affected by HIV/AIDS. Basic education is one of the most effective (and cost-effective) means of prevention.

02. Education plays a crucial role in fight against HIV and AIDS, World Education Blog

Education is crucial in efforts to prevent and informatively care for HIV/AIDS, especially during youth. Education, particularly focused on young women, can save lives and allow for more informed decisions through various stages of life.

03. Graphic Intervention: Poster Series, Massachusetts’s College of Art & Design

In order for education to be an effective means of reaching a variety of people on personal levels, it must  draw upon, and cater to, messages rooted in the popular culture of diverse groups and highlight a variety of lifestyles and people.

SYNTHESIS: Education plays a crucial role in the fight against HIV/AIDS. The epidemic has the potential to impact education, and in contrast, education has the potential to positively affect AIDS/HIV and how it is prevented and cared for. Arming people with knowledge will aid the prevention and improve life quality.


01. Being Diagnosed with HIV as a Trigger for Spiritual Transformation, Religions 2011

Within those diagnosed, HIV may act as a “trigger” for positive spiritual transformations. Across all participants, a ST developed in four stages: antecedents (risky behavior), diagnosis, adaption, spiritual transformation. Most described their life style prior to diagnosis as risky and empty, in contrast, following diagnosis and PT, people described a re-examination of beliefs, views, and lifestyle.

02. Perspective Transformation Over Time, University of Georgia

Transformational learning, which involves a fundamental change in the way we see ourselves and the world, can occur in adulthood. Specifically, this transformation can be “triggered” by the diagnosis of HIV or in the face of a potentially life-threatening illness. This transformation/new perspective proved irreversible. Additionally, this perspective change includes changes in meaning schemes, which include the adoption of a future-oriented perspective, a greater care for ones-self, and integration of diagnosis into self definition.

SYNTHESIS: The diagnosis of HIV or of a potentially life-threatening illness can bring about a spiritual transformation or positive perspective change allowing a re-examination of beliefs, views, priorities, and lifestyle.

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