Zea Zhou_Reflective statement

The goal of my project is to let people could better know where their energy comes from and let them always be aware of the usage the the energy.

Case study 1

This design pay attention to the new energy. It seems like a common sense that “People use energy”, how about let every people produce the energy by themselves?

there are many designs that thinking about transform the traditional power generation which are far away from normal people in urban into  some products that are closed to people’s lives. making people know that every behaviors they do will count for the energy, the whole world, the future.

Case study2

And also, another design that inspired me is a dancing club that could collect the energy by people’s dancing steps. the floor and people’s shoes can store the energy that people produce and turn that into the energy needed by the dancing clubs. like the lighting, audio, etc. This one just help me to relect the current situation of energy usage. People could always use the energy without limit. That’s because there isn’t any constraints of energy using.The only limitation is the money. But if people are only offered certain amounts of energy, they may start to reconsider about their behaviors of energy abusement.

Case study3.

Another example is the lighting wind-driven generations. in the current situation, we cannot see or we seldom pay attention to how the energy is generated. Let alone to saving energy. So the designers think that the very first thing is to let people know how the energy comes from. so they added some LED on the fan of the wind-driven generations in Chicago. And when the fans rotated, the light beams will just connect from one to another, till the one nearby the city. So this case give me a inspiration, that is visualizing the energy, and use analogy way, could help people increase their energy awareness.

Then I came out with the first version of re-mixture. that’s people could produce the energy by themselves, and they could only use the energy that is produced by themselves. But this design lacks of consideration of efficiency issues. and the communication issues. How to connect a community to acchieve the goal? How to make sure people could produce the energy they need because different people have different request of energy.

So I change my thinking, focused on the community and individual’s awareness, and also use analogy, came out with the Fresh Tree system design

I hope in the future, i could think deeper about the efficiency of the design. Maybe it could be some leaves rather than a tree. and also, considering that my design are focusing on the simulation of nature. the prototype of the leaves should be better considered.